Custom Acrylic Models
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Custom Acrylic Models

Solid or Hollow
Created per customer 3d file
Close tolerance with finished contour

Finish Options:
Polished, colored, sanded, with decoration
with threads, with push-up, top bored
hollow models can be filled with product
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3d Printing

SLA - smooth surface
Variety of material options
clear, standard, flexible, tough
and more

FDM - most cost effective
Our standard matte PLA shows fewer build lines
White, Gray Black
and more
Cnc Machining line up
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Cnc Machining

Mill Line up
4 axis cnc mill
3 axis cnc mill
2 axis cnc mill

Lathe Line up
Hass ST 20
Hydraulic tracer lathes
multiple manual mills and lathes
colored bottles
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Custom Painting

Acrylic Model Color Matching
Transparent, Opaque, Frosted
To your specific product or color reference
We can match pantone#
We also custom color glass bottles
clear bottles
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Custom Deco Detail

Stippling or Texturing
Manually apply stipple or texture
On flat or contoured surface
Match to #GPI stipple or
your reference sample